November 16, 2016


The seventh annual gift guide from #REALITYMOMS is out!  Several WowWee products are featured including COJI as a "gift for middle kids", LUMI as a "gift for them (group gift)", and CHiP as a "WOW gift".  The miniature, music-inspired ELEKTROKIDEEZ line of collectibles was also featured as a great "stocking stuffer".  And CHiP was highlighted as JOEY'S FAVORITE THING in this 36-page guide.

Every kid loves to get one special gift, and the CHIP and LUMI by WowWee are super fun gift ideas.



Visit the RealityMoms.Rocks website to access the complete 2016 Hot Holiday Gift Guide.
Learn more about each of these WowWee products at the links below.

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Your custom choreography lights up the sky with Lumi™ , the easy-to-fly drone that you control from your smartphone. Designed for indoor use, this cool quadcopter will follow you around while avoiding your walls and furniture. Perform one-touch stunts, play games, and create custom air shows that you can save and perform to the beat of your music.

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COJI™ the coding robot teaches your child to program using the language of emojis. Your junior coder will have fun problem-solving and you'll “LOL” as COJI steals your “heart”.

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Your new loyal robot companion is looking forward to playing with you! CHiP will fetch the included SmartBall, follow the owner who wearing the included SmartBand, and will look for the included SmartBed when it is time to recharge after hours of play. Pat CHiP on the head for a variety of responses, feed CHiP using the app, or see how this smart dog reacts when you ask CHiP to do "Yoga" or other commands. CHiP is loaded with high tech sensors, plus fun sounds and animations that will entertain your whole family.

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ELEKTROKIDEEZ™ are the fun new collectable figures styled and dressed in their favorite music genres. Collect and trade all 48 styles, and put together a mini poster with the included stickers. You can even use them as a pencil topper. Get Elektro-fied!

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