So easy, anyone can fly!

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So easy, anyone can fly!



Introducing Lumi - the drone that is so easy to control, anyone can fly it! Instead of concentrating on keeping Lumi airborne, you can focus on playing fun games or creating your own custom air show. Lumi features one-touch tricks and stablilizes itself in auto-pilot mode, leaving your hands free to play app-based games that let you interact with Lumi in the air. Walk away with the included beacon and Lumi will follow you, while avoiding both objects and walls.

Let your imagination take flight

Connect this quadcopter with the Lumi app on a compatible smartphone or tablet, and take off with the touch of a button. Play "Lumi to the Beat" matching the flashing LED colors on Lumi with the colors on your screen. Program your own air show with drag & drop moves and color changes, and make Lumi dance.

Check your device compatibility before you buy.



One-touch flips and other tricks
Create your own custom Air Show
Follow-Me Beacon Included
Stylish white & blue drone design with LEDs
One-touch flips and other tricks
Create your own custom Air Show
Follow-Me Beacon Included
Stylish white & blue drone design with LEDs


We inject cutting edge technologies into our products that enable them to do some pretty powerful things.

Bluetooth Low Energy

BLE allows your WowWee product to seamlessly connect to and interact with your smart devices.

App Enabled

Free app provides control and/or enhanced gameplay on your smart device.

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How to Videos
Getting Started with your LUMI Gaming Drone
Tutorial: Free Flight Mode with LUMI Gaming Drone
Play Lumi to the Beat
Play Air Pong with Lumi
Wall Avoidance Sensors
Lumi Industrial Designer shows you how to get started
Manuals & Specs

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User Manuals:

Getting Started User Manual

How do I get started with Lumi?

It is easy to start flying with Lumi. Watch the "How-to Videos" or download the Getting Started Guide under "Manuals & Specs".

Can I use LUMI™ without a compatible smart device?

No. LUMI™ can only be used together with a compatible smart device.

Is my tablet or phone compatible with LUMI™?

LUMI™ can be controlled using our free apps available for compatible smart devices featuring Bluetooth® Smart technology. These apps are available on iTunes® or the Google Play™ store.

iOS devices:
All iPhone®, iPod® and iPad® devices (excluding iPad® 2) which run iOS 9 or later are compatible.

Android™ devices:
The app is compatible with most Bluetooth® Smart Ready (also known as Bluetooth® Low Energy) devices running Android™ 4.4.4 (KitKat) or later. The easiest way to test compatibility before purchasing the product is to attempt to download the LUMI™ App. If your device is not compatible, Google Play™ will not allow you to see, download, or install the app. If the app can download, install, and run correctly on your device, we expect full compatibility.

I cannot access Google Play™ on my Android™ device, how can I download the application?

Try downloading the application on the Amazon AppStore™. All WowWee® applications are officially provided there for users who cannot use Google Play™.

Why won't my LUMI™ show up in the app when I try to connect?

Make sure your LUMI™ has fresh/fully charged batteries and is turned on, then close the app and switch Bluetooth® on/off in your device settings. If you’re still having problems, try restarting your device completely.

My LUMI™ disconnects often or automatically lands after taking off.

This is most likely caused by Bluetooth® interference. Ensure that there are no other Bluetooth® devices connected or switched on (especially audio devices), as these can cause interference which can cause issues. If you’re still having problems try turning your device’s WiFi off to reduce interference.

My LUMI™ has trouble tracking or seems to get confused about where to fly

Ensure that the Pod is in an open clear space indoors with line of sight to the toy. LUMI™ will not function correctly in crowded spaces or outdoors.

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