Learn to code with Emojis

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Learn to code with Emojis



COJI teaches your child to program using a language they already know - EMOJIS! Your junior coder will have fun problem-solving using the app to control COJI’s actions.

COJI also reacts to physical stimulation such as tilting and shaking. “LOL” as COJI steals your “heart” with pre-programmed responses.


- Control COJI from your smart device
- Play games that test your memory
- Develop STEM and problem-solving skills
- Play with or without app


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User Manuals:

User Manual

Do I need to have a compatible smartphone or tablet to play with COJI™?

You'll need the app to get the full educational value out of COJI as well as driving him around and playing various games. However, COJI is also tons of fun without the app. COJI has a number of pre-loaded emojis that you can play with. You can cycle through the emojis displayed on COJI's LCD screen by pressing the buttons on the sides of his head, and animate each emoji by pressing down on his head. COJI also responds to movement. For example, try tilting COJI left/right or forward/backward to see how he reacts. He'll also respond to shaking or lying him down.

Is my tablet or phone compatible with COJI™?

COJI™ can be controlled using our free apps available for compatible smart devices featuring Bluetooth® Smart technology. These
apps are available on iTunes® or the Google Play™ store.

iOS devices:
All iPhone® , iPod® and iPad® devices (excluding iPad® 2) which run iOS 9 or later are compatible.

Android™ devices:
The app is compatible with most Bluetooth® Smart Ready (also known as Bluetooth® Low Energy) devices running Android™ 4.4.4 (KitKat) or later. The easiest way to test compatibility before purchasing the product is to attempt to download the COJI™ App. If your device is not compatible, Google Play™ will not allow you to see, download, or install the app. If the app can download, install, and run correctly on your device, we expect full compatibility.

I cannot access Google Play™ on my Android™ device, how can I download the application?

Try downloading the application on the Amazon AppStore™. All WowWee® applications are officially provided there for users who cannot use Google Play™.

My COJI™ won’t show up in the app when I try to connect.

Make sure your COJI™ has fresh batteries and is turned on, then close the app and switch Bluetooth® on/off in your device settings. If you're still having problems, try restarting your device completely.

My COJI™ disconnects often and/or seems to pause or run slow.

This is most likely caused by Bluetooth® interference. Ensure that there are no other Bluetooth® devices connected or switched on (especially audio devices), as these can cause interference which can cause issues. If you're still having problems try turning your device's WiFi off to reduce interference

My COJI™ turns on, but the screen flashes then switches off and/or COJI™ turns off unexpectedly during play.

Most likely the batteries are low or flat, try replacing the batteries in COJI™.

What kind of batteries does COJI require?

COJI requires 3 x “AAA” size alkaline batteries.