Among 2021's Hottest New Toys
WowWee's new Fairy-themed toy covered by "With their jars, kids will be able to "find" fairies all around them [...] Once caught, fairies can be fed, hugged, talked to, and even shared to another jar.". Click "Read more" to learn more about Got2Glow Fairy Finder toys.
Alessia Santoro on Jun 23 /
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Can You Resist the Cuteness of My Squishy Little Dumplings?
"WowWee is launching My Squishy Little Dumplings this summer and these collectible, food-themed characters are just as cute as they sound."
Jackie Cucco on Feb 03 / The Toy Insider
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It's EASY Being GREEN!
"Don’t let Kermit the Frog’s iconic song fool you — nowadays it’s a lot easier for us to be green"
Maddie Michalik on Feb 10 / The Toy Insider
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Join the #BabySharkToySchool to keep the learning and fun going while at home!
WowWee is empowering parents with fun ideas featuring the newest member of the Nick Jr. family, Pinkfong® Baby Shark™.
WowWee on Apr 18 / Instagram
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BriteBrush™ by WowWee Revolutionizes Oral Care for Kids covered by PR Newswire
BriteBrush™ by WowWee Revolutionizes Oral Care for Kids.
WowWee on Feb 24 / PR News Wire
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The new Fingerlings Narwhal is the latest toy that will make you fall in love!
Jessica Hartshorn on Feb 12 /
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Lucky Fortune covered by Parents
This Lucky Fortune Toy Is a Must for Astrology-Loving Kids & Moms. Interview with toy creator, Sydney Wiseman.
Jessica Hartshorn on May 26 /
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Kids these days get all the luck. (Literally.)
Kids these days get all the luck. (Literally.) Lucky Fortune Bracelets From WowWee Are The Sweetest Surprise Accessory.
Alison Kresta on Apr 10 / Romper
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JustJordan33: Fish Bowl Slime Challenge with Fingerlings Minis
You don't want to miss Jordan and Audrey from JustJordan33 as they unbox the new Fingerlings Minis!
May 25 / JustJordan33
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Princess ToysReview finds Fingerlings Minis in Cupcakes??!!
Check out Princess ToysReview's Fingerlings Minis themed party featuring cupcake bashing. You don't want to miss it.
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