Toys that Code have Parental Appeal

March 11, 2016


Living in Digital Times founder Robin Raskin warns parents that providing children with toys that introduce coding concepts does not guarantee that these children will become "the next Bill Gates".  But she does see something interesting in the mixing of physical with digital, "providing a less abstract way to gain coding skills".

COJI is one of the coding products Raskin highlights in her Huffington Post blog post titled Toys that Code have Parental Appeal:

Kids can play games with emojis, sent from their phone, that will appear on the COJI robot's LCD head. The robot is also responsive to real world tilting and shaking making it fun even for those without a smartphone in hand.

For more of Raskin's thoughts on COJI and other coding toys, read the full blog post on the Huffington Post website.

For more information on COJI, click on the product page link below.

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COJI™ the coding robot teaches your child to program using the language of emojis. Your junior coder will have fun problem-solving and you'll “LOL” as COJI steals your “heart”.

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