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June 23, 2021


Alessia Santoro from POPSUGAR writes:


With their jars, kids will be able to "find" fairies all around them. New ones will pop up depending on your child's location, whether it be a dark room or outdoors — or if they're positioning the jar upside down while they wander. Once caught, fairies can be fed, hugged, talked to, and even shared to another jar. There's also an accompanying app, Find My Fairy, where kids can view the entire collection of fairies that exist to use as a checklist.

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Catch the magic glow with the all-new Got2Glow Fairy Finder! There are over 100 virtual fairies to collect - will you find them all? Find fairies with your Got2Glow Fairy Finder wherever you are! In the kitchen or garden, in the dark or upside down, there’s always a fairy around! There's over 30 unique fairies to find in each jar, and with 3 different jars, the fairy finding fun never ends! Bond with your virtual fairies by saying hello, playing a game, giving them hugs and feeding them! Share your fairies with your friends and grow your own collection!

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