How We Innovate

Creative designs, innovative technology and a good dose of fun have allowed WowWee to develop high tech toys and consumer electronics that entertain both kids and adults. Pick one of the products below and scroll down to explore its journey from early sketches to final product.

We identify and integrate emerging technologies and dream up interesting and affordable consumer products. We then identify the best products to start developing for consumers and bring those to the drawing board.
Refined Sketch
Detailed Illustration
WowWee amasses a team of engineers and designers to create initial "proof-of-physics" prototypes, collaborating with field experts and university researchers as needed. Then we determine if the product concept can be transformed into reality.
3D Print
Final Design
Here's where the product gets real. We put the polish on an attractive design that can withstand hours of play. We finalize a user-friendly app to control the product and extend gameplay. We apply extra attention to detail to ensure the product is ready for customers. Not to mention finalizing packaging, ramping up production, and getting the product to a retailer near you.

WowWee Labs

We believe in innovation. That's why we released free SDKs to let anyone make great apps from our products.

Build Apps

WowWee History

WowWee has implemented cutting edge technologies and launched some incredible products over the years. Learn more about our past...