Hottest Holiday Toys list from Parents Magazine & CNBC

November 03, 2017

Watch the video below to find out which toys, games, and gadgets that kids liked best, based on PARENTS MAGAZINE testing of over 500 toys by kids across the U.S.. The Editor-in-Chief, Liz Vaccariello, walks CNBC "On the Money" host through the hottest gifts this holiday season.

There's a little monkey, sloth, and unicorn featured right at the beginning that you might have seen before. These Fingerlings friends are tons of fun! Our fave quote from the CNBC host: "Oh my gosh, this one's cute... Good luck getting this out of my hands!"

Also featured is a mini Minion MiP - this travel-sized robot comes with a remote control to drive it forward or spin it around.

Note: The app that Vaccariello mentions is a companion app for the full-sized, full-featured Minion MiP Turbo Dave (not shown).  This robot balances on its own, has a variety of high-tech sensors, and makes tons of funny Minion sounds. You can control it with hand gestures or from the app on your smart device!

Hottest holiday toys from CNBC.

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You'll go bananas for FingerlingsTM Baby Monkeys! These cute, brightly-coloured primates with soft hair will respond to your touch, sounds, or being held in different ways. Blow them a kiss and they will kiss you back!

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Minion MiP Turbo Dave

Have you ever imagined having a Minion of your own to make laugh, cry, or even fart? Meet Turbo Dave: your own personal Minion MiP. Turbo Dave responds to hand gestures and can even navigate your room. Download the Turbo Dave App to drive, plan paths, or trigger comedic reactions to props and characters from the Despicable Me Franchise. Also included is a coding platform for high tech programming fun. When desperate times call for DESPICABLE measures, Wowwee’s Turbo Dave can bring in the mischievous fun!

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