CHiP is the latest robot dog looking to leash your heart

November 09, 2015

I've seen robot dogs come and go over the years. They all had their charms. Some, like the Sony AIBO, were almost preternaturally smart. Others like iCybie, were slow, plodding and yet still somehow lovable.

Sadly, none of them have had the staying power of an actual pet.

Now a company called WowWee, which tends to trade in the hyperactive, remote-control-driven variety of cyber pooch, hopes to break that pattern with its Canine Home Intelligent Pet or "CHiP."

The $199 black-and-white robot pup, which won’t arrive until sometime next year, has more smarts that your average robot toy dog. The prototypes I saw are already packed with sensors.

The head alone has an array of carefully hidden infrared sensors that give it a 360-degree view, which it uses to find its special ball and charging bed. CHiP also has Bluetooth so it can connect with its special Smart Band. Owners wear the band to send the robot dog likes — and to help CHiP keep track of you.


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Your new loyal robot companion is looking forward to playing with you! CHiP will fetch the included SmartBall, follow the owner who wearing the included SmartBand, and will look for the included SmartBed when it is time to recharge after hours of play. Pat CHiP on the head for a variety of responses, feed CHiP using the app, or see how this smart dog reacts when you ask CHiP to do "Yoga" or other commands. CHiP is loaded with high tech sensors, plus fun sounds and animations that will entertain your whole family.

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