CHiP the Robot Dog visits NBC's TODAY show
TODAY's viewers were treated to a few of CHiP's tricks. Don't miss the video featuring Wrangler - TODAY's puppy with a purpose!
Carson Daly on Jan 08 / NBC's TODAY
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USA Today video highlights CHiP
"This seriously cute robotic pet really stole the show for me."
Jennifer Jolly on Jan 06 / USA Today
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WowWee CHiP is the Robotic Dog We’ve Been Waiting For
MommyTech TV interviews Sydney Wiseman of WowWee to talk about how CHiP is one of the smartest robotic pets out there.  Watch the interview and read the blog post on Chip Chick.
Chance Kinney on Jan 15 / Chip Chick
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Will CHiP Robotic Dog Be Man's Best Bluetooth-enabled Friend?
Tom's Guide catches CHiP on video. "As we watched, a Wowwee rep used the wristband to make the dog grab his toy ball and drag it back across a table."
Avram Piltch on Jan 07 / Tom's Guide
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WowWee Is Funding This Adorable Robotic Dog On Indiegogo
"CHiP's got an array of sensors in that adorable little doggie head of his, which make it possible for him to chase after a ball while dodging obstacles. At the end of the night, he returns to his charging SmartBed to get some much needed shut-eye."
Brian Heater on Jan 06 / Tech Times
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Robot dog CHiP is like the spiritual successor to Sony’s Aibo
High-tech toy-maker WowWee has just unveiled its latest robotic device, a dog named CHiP. Short for "Canine Home Intelligent Pet," CHiP is a black and white robotic puppy with blue LED, and more than a few sensors that allow it to navigate rooms..
Adam Westlake on Nov 11 / Slash Gear
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Loyal robot dog waits for you to walk through the door
WowWee, a smart toy company, has unveiled a robotic dog with blue-green LED eyes. The dog, aptly called CHiP (short for Canine Home Intelligent Pet), sits with the tap of a button, picks up your presence in the room via bluetooth and plays fetch.
Mona Lalwani on Nov 10 / Engadget
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CHiP is the latest robot dog looking to leash your heart
I've seen robot dogs come and go over the years. They all had their charms. Some, like the Sony AIBO, were almost preternaturally smart. Others like iCybie, were slow, plodding and yet still somehow lovable. Sadly, none of them have had the staying power of an actual pet. Now a company called WowWee..
Lance Ulanoff on Nov 09 / Mashable
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REV gets 8.8 stars
"[...] what really sets it apart, and what truly convinces us that this is the shape of things to come with RC vehicles is that the product comes with two cars, so you can race around and battle with friends, siblings and parents without having to buy another product."
Oct 14 / The Toy Verdict
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MiPosaur Highly Recommended
"All the kids we tested this with (around 20 kids) loved it! They loved the fact that Miposaur would play with them, they loved his/her ‘personality’ and they loved the things they could get it to do. One child who took the product home to test set up a bed for Miposaur to make him feel at home!"
Oct 13 / The Toy Verdict
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