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Snap the perfect shot with your pet paparazzi.

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Preview. Snap. Send.

Bluetooth technology makes it easy to send photos from your Snap Pet to your smart device.

Candid Camera.

Don’t miss the action in the next room. Set up your Snap Pet and control it from your smart device – up to 10 metres away!

Countdown to Awesome.

A timer feature gives you the chance to get into position for the picture-perfect shot.

Snap. Perfection.

Make group shots easy and fun. Use your smart device as the camera and your Snap Pet as the remote shutter button.

No phone? No problem.

Forgot your phone charger? Your Snap Pet can take and store up to 20 pictures—and auto-upload to your smart device.

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Take great selfies & group shots

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Share your best pics with your besties

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