• RS Tri-bot is incredibly expressive, from his "pop-top" head, to his animated eyebrows and light up eyes.
    • Features a three wheeled base with "turn on a dime" omni-directional motion, for precise movement in any direction!
    • RS Tri-bot comes equipped with a tilt-sensitive remote controller. Point the controller towards him, twist your wrist and he will follow!
    • RS Tri-bot features a hilarious alarm mode; when the alarm sounds, RS Tri-bot begins to run around. You'll have to catch him to turn it off!
    • Test your skills with RS Tri-bot's three onboard driving games (Pattern, Maze, and Minefield).


    • Poseable arms and tilt waist.
    • Demo function
    • Free roam (autonomous) mode
    • Program mode - store a sequence of up to 40 program steps
    • Guard mode
    • RS Tri-bot can tell you when he's fallen over!
    • Homing function
    • Standby and sleep modes for battery conservation
    • 3 x motors
    • 3 x IR sensors
    • Built-in speaker
    • LED indicator

    Technical Specifications



    A personality-packed robot friend.

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