• Robopanda™ is a playful and talkative interactive friend. With his engaging personality and bright animated eyes, Robopanda™ loves to share stories and jokes, play games, sing songs and talk with children of all ages. He’s a fun-filled robotic bear who can even crawl on all fours and return to a sitting position.
    • Designed to work without a remote control, Robopanda™ is controlled directly by touch and sound. You'll experience hours of delight and entertainment playing with him and his interactive cartridge-based content.
    • Training mode: Learn how to play with him while he guides you through his many features.
    • Friend mode: Interact with his many conversations and enjoy his jokes.
    • Menu mode: Robopanda™ will tell you stories, play games with you and even sing you a song or two! You can even teach him tricks that he will perform for you.
    • Realistic actions and interactive personality
    • Direct touch sensor and sound control
    • Interactive stories and games
    • Advanced artificial intelligence and awareness
    • Recognizes and talks to his own little toy panda (included)
    • Includes two Activity and Story cartridges
    • Equipped with safety sensors

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    My first real robotic friend.

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