• Each Chatterbot™ features a unique personality and a signature animation.
    • Connect directly to your Mac or PC using the included USB cable, then listen and watch as your Chatterbot entertains you with its unpredictable stream of jokes, dialog, and comments about your virtual life.
    • Works with email, calendar events, instant messaging programs and more!
    • "Speaks" through its own built-in speaker
    • Connects to computer via USB
    • Plug in an MP3 player to use as a standalone speaker*
    • Easy to install software compatible with both PC and Intel® Macs
    • For interactive fun, trigger random comments and factoids
    • Collectable and outrageous character design
    • 1 x motor for unique signature animations
    • 1 x speaker
    • Audio input connector
    • LED illumination
    • USB connectivity
    • Compatible with PC and Mac computers

    Technical Specifications


    Devil / Angel

    Animated computer accessories for your desktop.

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    A revolutionary indoor flying machine.

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    Silver and Black Moth

    The perfect introduction to flight.

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    Guitar Style 2

    Instant Rock Star!

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