• Bugbots are equipped with touch sensors that make them come to life like real bugs -- when they hit an obstacle they quickly change course and skitter away!
    • Choose from smooth, fast moving wheeled Bugbots or tread-based Bugbots who climb over obstacles -- or each other! Collect them all and watch them "bug" each other.
    • Touch sensors on Bugbot make it move like a real bug!
    • 2 x touch sensors
    • Watch your Bugbot autonomously interact with other Bugbots!
    • Create different terrains with obstacles to challenge your Bugbot!
    • Collect Bugbots and trade with your friends to mix and- match Bugbot swarms!


    Bugbot™ Skipper

    Life-like autonomous arthropods.

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    A revolutionary indoor flying machine.

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    The first true robotic arthropod.

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    Red Mosquito

    The perfect introduction to flight.

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