• Fairyfly gathers her power from her flower remote controller - 18 minutes charge gives up to 4 minutes of flight
    • Control the height and speed of Fairyfly with her easy-to-use remote controller
    • Perfect for all seasons, Fairyfly is light and flexible, perfect for indoor flight
    • Decorated to represent the four seasons, choose from Sprite (spring), Glitter (summer), Flame (autumn), and Snowflake (winter), or collect them all!
    • Includes a decorative stand to safely hold Fairyfly and her flower remote controller!
      • Indoor only flyer
      • 11.8 inch (30cm) wingspan
      • 1 x coreless motor for quiet flight
      • Durable foam body
      • Flight time: Approx 4 minutes
      • Charge time: Approx 18 minutes


    Fairyfly™ Glitter

    The summer Fairyfly.

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