• Use the dragonfly indoors or outdoors, controlling its speed, direction, and height with the remote controller
    • Capable of maneuvering in tight spaces
    • Innovative flying action based on an ornithopter design; flaps its wings like a real insect
    • Can take off from any smooth surface, soar, dive-bomb, hover and glide silently for soft landings
    • Impact-absorbing flexible body and carbon-fiber wing structure can take a lot of punishment
    • Ultra-lightweight design protects home interiors
    • Light-up LED eyes alert you of the dragonfly's status by blinking, pulsing, or shining clear and bright
    • 2-channel digital proportional remote controller which doubles as the charging base
    • Two skill levels: beginner and advanced
    • Includes a tail stabilizer for additional control
    • 27 Mhz (one of two available frequencies)

    Technical Specifications


    Blue Dragonfly

    The world's first radio-controlled flying insect.

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    A revolutionary indoor flying machine.

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    Green Dragonfly

    The world's first radio-controlled flying insect.

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