• This easy-to-use item is light and elegant. Made from durable high-flex materials, it's safe and able to withstand multiple crash landings!
    • Simply charge Butterfly flyer by attaching her to the charger, and then push the launch trigger. Watch her take to the skies as she flutters and twirls using her dual wings.
    • When Butterfly flyer stops flapping her wings, recharge her for her next flight, or leave her perched on the charger where she can be safely stored.
      • Indoor and Outdoor flyer
      • Durable, crash-resistant body
      • Ultra-light and flexible carbon-fiber dual wing design
      • Wings flap slowly during charging
      • Wing span 11.8 (30cm)
      • 1 x coreless motor
      • Flight time: 20 seconds
      • Recharge time: 10 seconds

    Technical Specifications


    Yellow Butterfly

    A beautiful fluttering wonder.

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