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    • The pocketsize multimedia pico projector that makes it amazingly simple to show and share your movies, videos, photos, games, and slides with friends anytime, anywhere.
    • Perfect for small groups and small rooms… out and about… and where TVs can’t go.
    • Swivel’s unique 90° hinge makes it easy to project on any surface – without having to prop it up or use a tripod.
    • In dark or dimly lit environments, Swivel can project a crisp 60-inch (1.5m) image from over 8 feet (2m) away, or floor-to-ceiling in a typical room.
    • Swivel features the unrivaled power of Texas Instruments’ DLP projection technology. That means an ultra-clear, high contrast HVGA picture with vivid color. Why DLP vs. LCD?
    • Plug and play. Using the simple AV-in jack, Swivel connects to a wide variety of personal media players – including iPod, iPhone, Flip Video, PSP, digital cameras, portable DVD players, netbooks (computer-specific cable required), and smartphones with video-out functionality.
      Full list of compatible devices.
    • Listen to the built-in speaker, or connect your portable speakers to the headphone jack for even bigger audio.
    • Enough juice to enjoy a full movie, Swivel’s rechargeable battery lasts over 2 hours.
    • Swivel comes with a stylish padded carrying case and an AC power adapter with four interchangeable international plugs.
    • Cinemin Swivel is a recreational multimedia pico projector - designed primarily to connect to iPhones, iPods, iPads and composite video-out devices to project videos and photos. Please be aware that computer connectivity requires an additional adapter (specific to your computer's video output), that small-text and detailed spreadsheets will be difficult to read at HVGA resolution, and that as with all pico projectors low-light conditions are needed for optimal visibility.

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    Cinemin™ Swivel

    Portable multimedia pico projector.

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    Cinemin™ Swap

    VGA-to-AV converter for Swivel

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    Cinemin™ Satchel

    Padded Carrying Case for Swivel

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